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Frequently asked questions

On this page you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions from our users.

How long does it take to book an Abeilles taxi online?
An online booking means that Taxis Abeilles records a taxi request made by the customer between seven days and 48 hours before the time of travel. For a request for an Abeilles taxi within 48 hours, we invite you to contact us on +33 5 46 41 22 22 or +33 5 46 41 55 55.

What does booking an Abeilles taxi involve?
It is not a question of booking an identified Abeilles taxi (except in special cases: please contact us in advance), but of taking into account a search for an Abeilles taxi 15 to 45 minutes before the scheduled departure time, depending on the pick-up location, the characteristics of the Abeilles taxi requested and the expected traffic conditions.

Is the booking automatic?
Abeilles taxis reserve the right to refuse requests in advance on certain days, at certain times or in certain geographical areas depending on the number of requests already recorded and/or the estimated taxi supply.

In principle, no, but some of our drivers accept pets:
– for a dog: inform the size and weight of the animal
– for a cat: these are generally accepted on condition that they are in a closed box
For any other animal: please consult us in advance
In all cases, please inform us in advance of the presence of the animal.

Special case: a blind person and his guide dog cannot be refused under any circumstances. Taxis are legally obliged to accept them unconditionally and without extra charge.

Order relating to taxi fares in the Charente-Maritime department for the year 2023

Yes, on arrival at the airport, and provided your flight is not international (frequent delays), you can be met by your Taxi Abeilles driver with a sign with your name on it who will drive you directly to your destination.
We will ask you for your mobile phone number to contact you if necessary.

Yes, when you arrive at the station, you can be picked up if you make a reservation and if the destination is outside the commune of La Rochelle.
The Taxi Abeilles driver will display a sign with your name.
At La Rochelle train station, the booking point is located directly in the taxi rank. You will find it on the forecourt, on the right as you leave the station.
In the interests of fairness and fair competition with the other groups and independent taxis in the commune of La Rochelle, journeys to the city and the immediate suburbs cannot therefore be booked: use the taxis at the rank. If the taxi rank is empty, please call +33 5 46 41 22 22 or +33 5 46 41 55 55.

The Grand Pavois, an international in-water boat show, welcomes over 100,000 visitors to La Rochelle.
During the show, it is often difficult to find a taxi. Therefore, in order to maintain a high level of service, we are not able to take advance bookings to or from the Grand Pavois.
Throughout the show, a special taxi rank is available in front of the main entrance.
We invite you to contact us 15 minutes before your departure at +33 5 46 41 22 22 or +33 5 46 41 55 55, we will do our best to serve you.
For trips to the train station or airport, please allow a minimum of 30 minutes.

Following the attacks in Paris in November 2015, border controls have been reintroduced at La Rochelle airport for travellers entering or leaving French territory.
La Rochelle airport recommends that passengers on European and international flights anticipate their arrival at the airport and bring their identity card or passport.
Flight delays are to be expected.

No, we are sorry but our taxis are not equipped with child seats.
As a reminder, the use of an approved child restraint system is not compulsory for passengers under the age of 13 travelling in a taxi (Article R.412-1 of the French Highway Code).
However, a child seat is available on reservation within 72 hours.

In some cases, yes, when you order or call a taxi via our exchange, we identify the nearest available taxi. The taxi will activate its taximeter as soon as it confirms the journey as required by the regulations.
When you order a taxi in advance, your request is registered immediately. However, the actual search for the nearest available taxi is launched between 15 and 60 minutes before the appointment time, depending on the distance to be covered, traffic conditions and the geographical area.
The minimum fare is set at 7.30 euros.

Order relating to taxi fares in the Charente-Maritime department for the year 2023

Yes, all drivers are obliged to be equipped with a credit card terminal (TPE).
However, some equipment does not accept American Express (Amex) cards or direct payment by phone or connected watch.
If you wish to pay by credit card or by phone/watch, it is preferable to specify this at the time of booking or when you call our central office.
For a fare of less than 15 euros, some drivers will offer to stop at the nearest ATM.

Yes, if you have booked a taxi for a journey and you ask it to wait for you, the meter runs at the waiting rate.
Order relating to taxi fares in the Charente-Maritime department for the year 2023

Yes, you can request a quote using the enquiry form on our contact and access page.
For any specific request, please contact us at +33 5 46 41 22 22 or +33 5 46 41 55 55.

The tariffs are regulated by department and are determined each year by prefectural decree. The fares are identical for each commune in the same department.
For Charente Maritime: Order relating to taxi fares in the department of Charente-Maritime for the year 2023

Yes, subject to conditions:
In all cases, the client must specify that it is a medical journey.
– for journeys in town costing less than 25 euros, transport can be provided by a licensed taxi provided that the client pays for the journey and sends the transport voucher to his primary health insurance fund together with the printer’s ticket which must be issued by the licensed driver.
– For all other requests, please contact us in advance.

Taxis Abeilles reserve the right to refuse this type of journey on certain days, at certain times or in certain geographical areas depending on the number of requests already recorded and/or the forecast supply of taxis under contract.

Abeilles taxis La Rochelle & surroundings

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